Veterinary Surgery Online
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Teaching veterinary surgical skills in the classroom can be challenging. Textbooks are not an appropriate resource for learning practical skills and laboratory sessions are costly and typically do not afford the opportunity for much repetition. An up-to-date, multimedia web-based teaching tool was therefore developed as a cost effective method to share surgical knowledge.

This project involved the creation of an online teaching tool to demonstrate the steps involved in performing numerous basic and more advanced surgical procedures taught in our veterinary program. Procedures such as ovariohysterectomy, castration, exploratory celiotomy, organ biopsy techniques, gastrotomy, cystotomy and splenectomy are among the procedures included in this reference. Each procedure is described using a series of still images, text and video clips.

Quizzes were also created to ensure students have reviewed and assimilated the pertinent material prior to attending each of the surgical teaching laboratories. This online textbook and videolibrary provides undergraduate veterinary students with a highly visual and informative multimedia tool to learn veterinary surgery.