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Uterine Body

Chapter 6: Table of Contents

Uterine Body

Canine Ovariohysterectomy: Ligating the Uterine Body

Identify the uterine body and ligate it just cranial to the cervix (leave the cervix within the patient). The feline uterus and the uterus of dogs recently in heat are friable and should be clamped with care or not clamped at all prior to applying ligatures. Place separate ligatures around each of the uterine vessel (close to the cervix) including a small bite of the uterine wall within each ligature. Then, apply one or two clamps to the uterine body, just adjacent to the first ligatures. Place the circumferential or transfixing suture within the crush of the clamp closest to your vessel ligations. Avoid leaving excessive (ischemic) tissue between the ligatures. You can then transect the body of the uterus just distal to your sutures and observe for bleeding as you return the uterine stump to the abdominal cavity.

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