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Abdominal Wall Incision

Chapter 10: Table of Contents

Abdominal Wall Incision

A similar length incision is then created in the abdominal wall musculature. The incision is located caudal to the ribs and approximately 3-5 cm from the midline abdominal incision. Manually approximate the stomach incision to the right abdominal body wall prior to creating the actual incision to ensure it will be appropriately positioned for pexy. If using a Balfour retractor, remove it to allow the abdominal wall to relax. You can also apply one or two towel clamps to the edge of the right abdominal wall to facilitate elevation of the body wall and exposure of the peritoneal surface while the pexy site is sutured. Incise through the peritoneum and transverse abdominal muscle in a slight cranio-dorsal to caudo-ventral direction.

Gastropexy: A similar sized incision is made into the abdominal wall

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