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Suture the Incisions

Chapter 10: Table of Contents

Suture the Incisions

Use an absorbable suture material such as polydioxanone (size 2-0 or 0) to appose each of the gastric and abdominal wall edges in two separate continuous patterns. Use of non-absorbable suture has been associated with fistula formation. Begin with the cranial (dorsal) line, and then suture the caudal (ventral) side of the incision. Hemorrhage from the cut surfaces typically stops when the tissues are apposed. Prophylactic gastropexy is more difficult to perform because the stomach has not dilated due GDV is typically smaller. Once the pexy site is sutured, a simple interrupted suture can be added just caudal to the pexy site (in an area where both surfaces are intact) to temporarily reduce tension on the suture lines.

Gastropexy: Suture the stomach incision to the abdominal wall incision

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