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Chapter 5: Table of Contents


Ventral Midline Incision

In females, incise the skin along midline, clamp any subdermal or subcutaneous bleeding vessels and ligated or cauterize as needed. Then continue the incision through the subcutaneous layer using a blade. Finally, expose the linea alba using a blade or scissors preventing excessive dissection or tissue trauma. Remember that any fat you dissect laterally to expose the linea alba will need to be re-apposed to prevent dead space that might predispose to seroma formation. Once exposed, tent the the linea alba by picking it up with thumb forceps (for a right handed surgeon, this is done along the caudal end of the incision) and make a stab incision along midline using a blade (cutting edge facing up). Insert the blade of a Mayo scissor through the stab incision, feel for any adhesions and proceed to extend the incision cranially, adjusting the orientation as needed to remain along the linea alba.

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