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Intestinal Biopsy

Chapter 11: Table of Contents

Intestinal Biopsy

Isolate the chosen loop of intestine from the remainder of the abdominal cavity using moist laparotomy sponges. Intestinal flow should ideally be obstructed proximally and distally by an assistant’s fingers. When doing surgery alone, I hold the intestine between my non-dominant index and middle finger and stab the antimesenteric portion of the intestine (full thickness) with a scalpel blade with my dominant hand. Then, extend your incision approximately 1cm usingyour blade or Metzembaum scissors. 

 Use the Metzembaum scissor to cut a 2-3 mm wide elliptical edge of intestinal wall for biopsy; ensure that all layers, including the mucosa and serosa, are collected. Wipe the edges with a gauze sponge or suction the lumen. Refrain from cauterizing, clamping or ligating bleeders, they will stop when the incision is sutured closed.

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