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Final Skin Preparation of the Limb

Chapter 2: Table of Contents

Final Skin Preparation of the Limb

Following skin preparation and transportation to the surgical suite, an unsterile assistant will once again hang the limb and carefully remove the sterile drape covering the prepared surgical site. The gowned and gloved surgeon will then perform final skin preparation. To do this, the surgeon grasps a sterile gauze sponge with sterile sponge forceps and dips the sponge in an antiseptic solution (iodine or chlorhexidine based tincture). The site is ‘painted’ with the antiseptic solution starting at the proposed incision site and working towards the periphery of the shaved area. The surgeon then disposes of the sponge and forceps in the discard bowl or garbage avoiding contamination of the surgeon’s gloves or the instrument table.

Final Skin Preparation: Limb

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