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Surgeon Preparation

Chapter 2: Table of Contents

Surgeon Preparation

All members of the surgical team must wear proper attire to minimize bacterial contamination of the surgical suite. Scrub suits are the usual surgical clothing and should not be worn outside the operating room without a covering such as a lab coat. When soiled, scrub suits should be changed before performing another surgery. Scrub tops should be tucked in the pants!

Proper Surgical Attire

Some institutions require that all shoes be covered with clean shoe covers or that specific surgical shoes be worn while in the surgical suite to prevent further contamination of the surgical area. At the OVC, shoe covers are no longer required to enter the surgery suites.

Shoe Covers

Hat and Mask

A surgical cap should be worn while in the surgical laboratory, preparation room or surgery area. The hat must hide all your hair. Face masks actually do little to prevent bacterial contamination caused by breathing but are useful in blocking droplets of moisture and other debris which may be expelled when talking, coughing or sneezing.  

The surgical mask can be worn when prepping the patient but must be worn to enter the surgical suite. The top tie of the surgical mask is tied over the top of your head (but towards the back), and the bottom tie at the back of your neck. Do not place the mask too loose or it will move and be uncomfortable.

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