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Pancreatic Biopsy Quiz

Chapter 12: Table of Contents

1) Pancreatic biopsies can be performed either at the edge of a pancreatic lobe or at the level of a specific lesion. 

  • True 
  • False

2) It is not important to know the anatomy of the pancreas when obtaining a pancreatic biopsy since the main blood supply and pancreatic ducts will not be encountered at a pancreatic lobe. 

  • True 
  • False

3) Which of the following is not an appropriate method for obtaining a pancreatic biopsy? 

  • Shaving off a small amount of pancreatic tissue using a scalpel blade 
  • Dissecting a few lobules and using a small absorbable suture to ligate the associated small vessels and ducts 
  • Removing a small sample of pancreas at its edge using Clamshell biopsy forceps 
  • Using a scalpel blade to obtain a large wedge of pancreatic tissue

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