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Scrotal Ablation

Chapter 8: Table of Contents

Scrotal Ablation

Typically performed when castrating an older dog with a pendulous scrotum (for esthetic reasons), due to scrotal trauma, infection, or neoplasia, or to perform a scrotal urethrostomy. 

Scrotal Ablation
Scrotal Ablation: Subcutaneous closure
Scrotal Ablation: Subcuticular/ Intradermal Closure

Scrotal ablation is performed by creating an elliptical incision at the base of the scrotum. Ensure that sufficient skin is left for tension-free closure; if necessary, you can always remove more tissues before closing – but you can’t put it back! Control subcutaneous hemorrhage with cautery, ligation or temporary application of hemostatic mosquito forceps. Dissect the subcutaneous tissues and remove the scrotum without trauma to the urethra. If not castrated, perform an open castration once the testes are exposed.  Closure is routine and involves the apposition of the subcutaneous tissues with a simple interrupted or continuous pattern of absorbable suture material and apposition of the skin with a non-absorbable cutnaneous suture pattern or with an intradermal pattern using an absorbable material as described for castration.  

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