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Cryptorchid Castration

Chapter 8: Table of Contents

Cryptorchid Castration

Cryptorchid testes are located in the abdominal, inguinal or prescrotal region. Preoperative palpation of the scrotal, prescrotal and inguinal regions will help determine the location of the retained testis. This is generally facilitated by general anesthesia and placing the patient in dorsal recumbency. Determine which testis is descended (it’s not always obvious!) by pushing it forward towards the inguinal canal. Then, palpate the opposite side for testis like structures. This can be difficult due to the presence of inguinal fat and inguinal lymph node. Abdominal testes are not typically palpable unless they are enlarged. Cryptorchid testes can be much smaller than normal, normal in size or enlarged due to neoplasia but generally look like a testis. 

A cryptorchid testis in the inguinal region

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