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Canine Urethral Obstruction

Chapter 14: Table of Contents

Canine Urethral Obstruction

The male urethra is divided into a prostatic, perineal, scrotal and penile portion. Urinary obstructions caused by urinary calculi in male dogs occur most frequently at the level of the ischial arch (reduced diameter and curved) and just caudal to the os penis where the diameter is even smaller and the os penis prevents urethral distention.

Radiograph of Cystic and Urethral Calculi

Since urethral surgery is more technically demanding and can lead to postoperative stricture formation, urethral calculi are ideally retropulsed into the urinary bladder and removed by cystotomy. When retropulsion is unsuccessful, or with recurring episodes of obstruction, urethrotomy and urethrostomy may be necessary.

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