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Canine Urethrostomy – Post-op

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Canine Urethrostomy – Post-op

An E-collar is essential until suture removal. Postoperative hemorrhage is normal, especially after urination and excitement; exercise restriction +/- sedation can limit postoperative hemorrhage. If hemorrhage or localized bleeding persists beyond 3-5 days, additional sutures may be required. Do not clean, manipulate or catheterize the urethrostomy site unless obstruction is suspected. Gentle hydrotherapy can help remove dried blood clots. I apply petroleum jelly on the skin around the urethrostomy site (not on the incision) for the first week to prevent urine scald. Urine scalding was reported in 5.5% of cases in the early postoperative period but was not a long-term complication. (Bilbery 1991) I remove the sutures 10-14 days postoperatively and leave the E-collar on for a few days after suture removal. Recurrent cystitis is a possibility after scrotal urethrostomy since the urinary stoma is more proximal and larger than normal; this complication was reported in 15% of cases in one study. (Bilbery 1991) Finally, recurrent urethral obstruction is also possible and has been reported in 5% of dogs. (Bilbery 1991)

Urethrostomy: Post-Op

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