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Mattress Suture Patterns

Chapter 4: Table of Contents

Mattress Suture Patterns

Vertical Mattress:  

The vertical mattress pattern involves entering the needle 8-10 mm from the incision line on one side and exiting on the other side of the incision at the same distance. Next the needle is turned and entered 4 mm from the incision line and exited 4 mm from the incision on the opposite side. The suture ends are then tied.

Horizontal Mattress:

The horizontal mattress pattern starts by creating a simple interrupted pattern but instead of tying the suture, the needle is inserted 6-8 mm laterally on the same side as the needle exited, it crosses to the other side of the incision to exit directly across 6-8 mm lateral to the first site of entry in the skin. The suture ends (which should both be on the same side of the incision) are then knotted.

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