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Subcutaneous Closure

Chapter 5: Table of Contents

Subcutaneous Closure

Suturing subcutaneous tissue

Once the abdominal wall closure is completed, the subcutaneous tissues are closed in a simple continuous pattern using 2-0 or 3-0 rapidly absorbable suture (Biosyn®, Monocryl®). For parapreputial incisions, a few simple interrupted sutures are often required to re-appose the tissues and close any dead-space prior to performing the continuous subcutaneous closure. Also be sure to correctly re-appose the preputial muscle edges to prevent lateral deviation of the prepuce postoperatively. Skin closure is performed using non-absorbable suture material such as polypropylene or nylon (typically 3-0 or 4-0). Intradermal or subcuticular closure is not recommended for incisions as long as those created during exploratory celiotomy.

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