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Suture Size

Chapter 5: Table of Contents

Suture Size

Suture Sizes

Size 2-0 suture material is appropriate for continuous closure of the abdominal wall of cats and small dogs; size 0 suture should be used for large dogs. The suture size can be reduced by one size (3-0 in cats and small dogs and 2-0 in larger dogs) when performing a simple interrupted pattern. All suture bites should include the external rectus fascia and 5-10mm of tissues on either side of the incision (depending on patient size). There is no need to include the rectus muscle and internal fascia if the incision is off midline and has separated these tissues. Ensure that you differentiate the external rectus fascia from the parapreputial fascia in male dogs and close the appropriate layers of tissues. The main advantages of the continuous closure are the speed of closure, the fact that less foreign material is left in the wound and the lower cost associated with anesthetic duration and suture use. The main disadvantage is catastrophic failure of the entire suture line if the suture breaks or the knots become undone.

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