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Clamp the Ovarian Pedicle

Chapter 6: Table of Contents

Clamp the Ovarian Pedicle

After breaking the suspensory ligament, identify the ovarian vessels and create a fenestration in the broad ligament just caudal to the ovarian pedicle.  Then, place two or three hemostatic forceps (ideally Carmalts) across the ovarian vessels (below or proximal to the ovarian tissue).  I typically place two clamps along the ovarian pedicle and one across the proper ligament (modified 3 clamp technique).

Clamping the Pedicle

Alternatively, three clamps can be applied along the ovarian pedicle.  Carmalt forceps are designed to create hemostasis along a large vascular pedicle and will prevent excessive crush or slippage but are generally too big for small dogs and for cats.  In smaller patients, use a Crile or mosquito (thin cats only) forceps.

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