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Transect the Pedicle

Chapter 6: Table of Contents

Transect the Pedicle

Before transecting the pedicle distal to the ligatures, place a mosquito hemostat on a non-vascular portion of the pedicle (e.g. along the suspensory ligament) and amputate the ovary from the ligated pedicle using a scalpel blade. Make sure to remove all ovarian tissue and to avoid excessive tissue distal to the ligatures (ischemic). Observe for any evidence of bleeding as you release the tension on the pedicle and remove the mosquito forceps. You may not notice hemorrhage while the pedicle is exteriorized and taut so keep a handle on it until it is released in the abdominal cavity. Do not grasp the pedicle by the sutures as this is likely to result in suture slippage.

Transecting the Pedicle

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